Easy Search Engine Optimization for Beginners

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

SEO easy Lesson #2 "Why Google should be your best friend"

This is a pretty easy one to explain, and I will go into as much detail as possible. Google currently holds right around 1/2 of the world's search market. This simply means that on average 1 out of every 2 searches done on the internet are done using google. This is quite a feat considering the amount of competition out there. So, one must ask, how does google continue to get people to use their search engine? The answer is simple. Generally speaking, Google provides more relevant search results than the other search engines. AOL for example, now just uses google's own search results in AOLSearch. The basic concept is that, anytime you optimize your site for any purpose, it should be to make it what google wants it to be. The key word here is relevant. Google wants your site to be on topic and relevant to the rest of the material in it. This includes links as well. Basically if you can rank well in Google, you will begin to rank well in all the other engines as well because they are trying to do what Google is doing. One of my site ranks exactly the same for the same keywords on both Google and Yahoo. But it was Google who began ranking the site for these keywords much earlier. Ok now lets take into account Adsense. If you use Adsense on your site, and optimize for google search results, you can actually use google to make money from google. One other trick is using blogspot to build sites for free. Basically, Google gives you everything you need to make money from blogging. All you have to do is figure out how to get them to bring you traffic, which is where the SEO in this blog comes into play. Another benefit with using a blogspot or another blogging service, is the domain name. This blog http://seoeasy.blogspot.com
is better than if I had my own domain such as http://www.seoeasy.com. This is because SEO is the main keyword here and the closer it is to the beginning adds extra weight with google. So this blog would come up in results before the other one, of course there are many other factors as well. I hope this has helped in explaining how to take advantage of what google has to offer, and use it to your benefit. In lesson #4 coming up I will go into more detail on how to do your keyword research, and how to use the keywords in your site.

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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

A Brief Break in lessons and why im qualified to write this SEO blog.

Sorry for the delay in getting to lesson two. I am now working on it and will be posting it sometime tomorrow so come back for more tips. Right now I would like to share my success with SEO recently, just more proof that by following my tips you can rank well in the search engines as well. Here are some of my rankings as of this writing.

Heroes blog: http://heroes-tv-nbc.blogspot.com
heroes theories - 3
heroes synopsis - 4
heroes summary - 4
heroes season 1 final episode summary - 10
heroes tv show timeline - 9
heroes episode summary - 8
summary of new heroes episode - 1
heroes episodes plot summary - 6
heroes show timing - 5
theories on Heroes - 2
heroes season 1 summary - 4
heroes season finale synopsis - 10
latest heroes episode discussion - 2
heroes episode theories - 1
(Most of these are ranked equally on Yahoo as well.
These are only some and not all of the rankings for this site.)

Online Income Streams blog: http://make-cash-on-internet.blogspot.com
online income streams - 4
best online income streams - 2
And this one is ridiculous. Out of 37,900,000 websites my blog is ranked
#13 for the highly competitive keyphrase "tips on making money online" on Yahoo.

Addiction to Redemption blog http://addiction-to-redemption.blogspot.com
redemption and addiction - 5
how to help someone get sober - 10
what to expect when living sober - 24
letting go of the past after you get sober - 8
addiction to people - 8
sober living tips - 16
sober recovery addiction blog - 3
sober blogs - 24
helping someone get sober - 13
redemption and sobriety - 1
Explain redemption when it comes recovery - 1

Unique visitors

keyword summary

I have also posted a link to a couple tracker screenshots for my heroes site, one with a keyword summary, and one with the total number of unique visitors for the past couple days. Have a wonderful day, and stop back tomorrow because Lesson 2 will be up!!

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Thursday, April 26, 2007

SEO is a recipe

Ok, now I bet some are wondering exactly what this means, and really it is very simple. Search engine optimization is similar to a recipe to make about anything, in the fact that there is a certain order that you need to complete certain tasks. In this lesson I am going to give the order in which you need to develop and market your website, and you may notice that many people have this backwards. The first step is to have an idea for a website about something, which is where a little imagination and creativity helps. The next step is after you have this great idea, take 15 or 20 minutes and do some keyword research on the general topic, and possibly the keywords you want to target if you already know them. For some tools to achieve this with, you can try SeoChat and another good keyword tool is the Google Adwords Keyword tool. Ok so now you have your idea, and some good keywords you want to rank highly for, its now time to start building your site. The thing you need to keep in mind, is that your goal is to develop a quality site with content to attract visitors and keep them returning, and at the same time using your keywords or phrases the right amount of times, but most importantly the right areas of the page. The most important key to this is getting your 4 or 5 main keywords or your keyphrase in the title of your page, which is what will show in the blue bar at the top on your browser. You want these keywords in the title to have the first letter capitalized, since Google adds extra emphasis to capitalized keywords. It also is helpful if you can put your main keyword or two into the domain or subdomain of your site, as google gives some extra points for this as well. Now that this is done, you can begin creating your site, and trying to add in your main keywords, however, it needs to be done while keeping the site still useful and enjoyable. Most SEO experts agree that a keyword density of 2-3% is the optimal amount. This means that you should be able to just create your site, and as long as you have the right keywords for the site you are creating you should end up with right around this amount. One of the most important things you need to do when building your site, is to make sure your internal links, or in other words your buttons or menu, which go to other pages in your site, are all working links. Many search engines will not even index a site when they find broken links in it. Now its time to create all that keyword rich content. In our next lesson, I will be showing you how to get google to index your site in less than 48 hours, without submitting to a single search engine.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Easy traffic

I have decided to use this blog for my ebook as I am getting shorter on time every day. There are so many tips and tricks to getting traffic from the search engines and from other places that I don't think they will all fit in this thread. Let me first start with one good way to get traffic and search engine rankings. Ok, you know all these forums that are appearing all over the internet? Well, most of them allow you to have a signature in it. What you need to do is instead of placing referral links in your signature like i see most people doing, you need links to your own sites in the signature. First because you can get traffic to your site from that forum if you make an intelligent post there. Secondly, the search engines see these links as incoming links to your sites. And if the forum is relevant to your site, well them bam there you have it good google page rankings. Linking methods, you want to link all your sites to any relevancy anywhere and everywhere you possible can as well as interlinking all of your sites together. This will slowly but surely create a massive fortune for you online. I have lots more tricks too but thats all for now.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Search engine optimization basics

I'm gonna try to make a new post here every day. It seems that there are a lot of people out there who just can't seem to figure out how to rank highly in the search engines. How do I know this? Well simply put because without Brad Callen I could not have figured it out myself. However, after using his lessons for my own sites and incorporating some of my own methods, I believe I have developed an awesome system of getting the search engines to index any page I want, as quickly as I want, and also get what ever rankings I want. I am even able to target what keywords I want to rank high for? How is this possible? Well it is a little difficult to explain, so that is why I am starting with the basics here. The first thing you need to make sure of is that your page is crawler friendly, that it has all of the proper metatags and such. A good title containing at least two of your keywords is very important as well. It also helps if you have a domain name if one of your keywords can be found in the domain then that gives you a boost on the engines as well. Make sure there is no improperly formatted code, because spiders do not like that at all. The next thing you need to make sure of is that you have a relevant keyword density for the keywords you are trying to target. I will discuss more about this later, but this part is very important. Well this is the first lesson of basics. Will be back tomorrow hopefully with some new search engine optimization techniques I am going to try out tonight.