Wednesday, September 26, 2007

SEO easy Lesson #2 "Why Google should be your best friend"

This is a pretty easy one to explain, and I will go into as much detail as possible. Google currently holds right around 1/2 of the world's search market. This simply means that on average 1 out of every 2 searches done on the internet are done using google. This is quite a feat considering the amount of competition out there. So, one must ask, how does google continue to get people to use their search engine? The answer is simple. Generally speaking, Google provides more relevant search results than the other search engines. AOL for example, now just uses google's own search results in AOLSearch. The basic concept is that, anytime you optimize your site for any purpose, it should be to make it what google wants it to be. The key word here is relevant. Google wants your site to be on topic and relevant to the rest of the material in it. This includes links as well. Basically if you can rank well in Google, you will begin to rank well in all the other engines as well because they are trying to do what Google is doing. One of my site ranks exactly the same for the same keywords on both Google and Yahoo. But it was Google who began ranking the site for these keywords much earlier. Ok now lets take into account Adsense. If you use Adsense on your site, and optimize for google search results, you can actually use google to make money from google. One other trick is using blogspot to build sites for free. Basically, Google gives you everything you need to make money from blogging. All you have to do is figure out how to get them to bring you traffic, which is where the SEO in this blog comes into play. Another benefit with using a blogspot or another blogging service, is the domain name. This blog
is better than if I had my own domain such as This is because SEO is the main keyword here and the closer it is to the beginning adds extra weight with google. So this blog would come up in results before the other one, of course there are many other factors as well. I hope this has helped in explaining how to take advantage of what google has to offer, and use it to your benefit. In lesson #4 coming up I will go into more detail on how to do your keyword research, and how to use the keywords in your site.

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