Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Easy traffic

I have decided to use this blog for my ebook as I am getting shorter on time every day. There are so many tips and tricks to getting traffic from the search engines and from other places that I don't think they will all fit in this thread. Let me first start with one good way to get traffic and search engine rankings. Ok, you know all these forums that are appearing all over the internet? Well, most of them allow you to have a signature in it. What you need to do is instead of placing referral links in your signature like i see most people doing, you need links to your own sites in the signature. First because you can get traffic to your site from that forum if you make an intelligent post there. Secondly, the search engines see these links as incoming links to your sites. And if the forum is relevant to your site, well them bam there you have it good google page rankings. Linking methods, you want to link all your sites to any relevancy anywhere and everywhere you possible can as well as interlinking all of your sites together. This will slowly but surely create a massive fortune for you online. I have lots more tricks too but thats all for now.

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